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Thanks for the great testimonial Lesley.

‘I started training with Rui 3 months before my wedding. I wanted to tone up, lose some weight and improve my strength and fitness. I had a silk wedding dress which was figure hugging and was sleeveless so I wanted toned arms, legs and abs to go under the dress.  After listening to my  goals, Rui created a bespoke training program for me.  I trained with him once a week and went to the gym the other days (still following the program).  The exercises were varied and creative and something I would not have the knowledge to do myself.  They were focused on the right muscle, making every movement count.  I also seeked advice on nutrition and kept a food diary for the three months cutting down on carbs, sugar and alcohol with each passing week. By the end of the three months my body had transformed completely. I still enjoyed my life and great food and wine during this period, but the regular sessions with Rui made the difference. He coaches you on exercise and what will work for your body type.  He has a strong positive energy that is infectious and you walk away from the session lighter and feeling one step closer to your end goals. It is his support and belief in you that gives you the strength and endurance to ‘keep going’.

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