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UKBFF London & SE Championships 2014

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Last sunday i went to the Ukbff London Championship and not being a big fan of “extreme”  body transformation i was a bit skeptical about it.

When i arrived at the theatre i could not only see muscular people, but also a lot of supporters. Waiting, eating one of their 50 food daily containers or just mingling around, everyone seemed super friendly and open. I knew i was about to have a great afternoon.

After meeting some of the participants and their friends it was time to start the competition. The men’s physique category open the show and the crowd was screaming each time their favorite contracted a bicep!!! So much fun!! And believe me, always with fairplay but everyone was very competitive, something i can’t blame since most of then prepared themselves for this competition for months.

To anyone that has never experienced it i strongly recommend it. It can be a long day but you are free to leave whenever you want. I guess to someone that likes cricket this will be a quick one.



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