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Turning the corner on the winter blues

1000 667 Rui

Thank you so much to everyone that showed up for our latest day retreat – Beat the Winter Blues. 

We had a really nice group, super curious and interested in learning about health, fitness, sleep routine and wellness.

We started the day with a strength and mobility class leaded by Rui where everyone did mobility self-assessments followed by a strength routine.


After some sweat, we all head downstairs for a delicious lunch followed by a This Works workshop about sleep routine.

We continuo to the last workshop – Making your personalised Epson Salts. Everyone explored several essentials oils and made their blend. We had some talent!!


Last part of the Retreat ended with a Yoga and Meditation class leaded by our teacher Lauren. 


How beautiful is this space?

Big thank you to our partners South Place Hotel, Flow and This Works.

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