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Nick Byrne - Westlife

“Rui is a hard working guy who I found amazing to work with,he is charming funny and makes hard workouts really enjoyable. I found the results to my fitness enormous… I would strongly recommend training with him”

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Pia Douwes - Actress

“Rui’s greatest assets is that he works with you in an individual way. He checks how you function and does a customized workout. I came here with a lot of injuries and he helped me to work around, strengthening my muscles and stamina all the way. He is very “in the moment” and wise in his choices of exercises. And just a joy do work it! If i would be in the neighborhood again i would definitely ask him to work with me again!”

Lesley H.

‘I started training with Rui 3 months before my wedding. I wanted to tone up, lose some weight and improve my strength and fitness. I had a silk wedding dress which was figure hugging and was sleeveless so I wanted toned arms, legs and abs to go under the dress. After listening to my goals, Rui created a bespoke training program for me. I trained with him once a week and went to the gym the other days (still following the program). The exercises were varied and creative and something I would not have the knowledge to do myself. They were focused on the right muscle, making every movement count. I also seeked advice on nutrition and kept a food diary for the three months cutting down on carbs, sugar and alcohol with each passing week. By the end of the three months my body had transformed completely. I still enjoyed my life and great food and wine during this period, but the regular sessions with Rui made the difference. He coaches you on exercise and what will work for your body type. He has a strong positive energy that is infectious and you walk away from the session lighter and feeling one step closer to your end goals. It is his support and belief in you that gives you the strength and endurance to ‘keep going’.

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Lauren W. - Yoga Teacher

“Rui has literally changed my body, my outlook and my life! I came to see him to treat plantar fasciitis at a point when I had lost all hope and felt more like 70 years than my actual 30 years old – any more than 10 minutes of walking caused extreme pain in my feet. Through weekly sessions, Rui identified areas/muscles which needed strengthening and together we worked to build these up. After a few months, I was able to remove the insoles/orthotics that I had previously relied on (and that made buying pretty shoes impossible!), and I am now able to walk longer distances without pain. Buying pretty shoes is again a possibility and I no longer feel like an old lady. Rui is very positive, knowledgeable and helpful, and weekly visits were not only beneficial, but fun. ”

Gina Melosi - Jewellry Designer

“Not really a fan of gyms and previously allergic to push-ups, I now actually look forward to my sessions. Rui finds a way to push you effectively, but somehow the environment always has a certain calmness and nurturing quality.
He approaches his work intelligently and with care, and he’s a great people person! I’ve learned a lot, have improved my overall fitness, and would recommend him highly.”

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Tom Coutts

“A truly Professional guy makes training hard work fun and worth while.”

Renne Coutts

“Rui your workout is excellent and you are so considerate of my “old” joints… I fell so much fitter. Thank you.”

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Lynda Kenny

“Rui is a good motivator and keeps me focussed on my goals – lose fat weight and keep healthy. A very good trainer, good programmes and really hard work. ”

Sheldon Daniels

“Rui has shown an in-depth knowledge in the science and practice of physical fitness. He is always prepared at our sessions and is very good at motivating me to push myself in my training sessions. It is clear to me that he tries to create a programme that is based on my own personal fitness goals. I do not hesitate in recommending Rui.”

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Thomas G. - CEO

“I started personal training with Rui about a year ago. I had another PT in the past but it didn’t compare to the service Rui is providing, which is truly excellent: very well balanced, creative, varied sessions. Rui also has expert knowledge of muscles and more generally anatomy, which is extremely useful in the sessions. Some of the training has been specifically targeted at improving my fitness and ability to play tennis, which has given great results. Rui is extremely pleasant to work with and very friendly, the sessions are always good fun and something to look forward to. I recommend him without any reservation.”


I met Louisa through a mutual friend and after various chats the conversation came up about my desire to compete in my 1st bikini/ fitness competition.
Louisa put together my meals plans & training programmes for my contest prep. I must say i was apprehensive at first as i had heard a few horror stories about very low calories and horrible meal plans for these preps but it wasn’t the case for mine. My meal plans were varied and nutritious. I never felt hungry or energy depleted. The training and meal plans changed consistently with the time frames and Louisa supported me all the way through the 16 week training programme.
I’m very happy with what we managed to achieve over this period and am looking forward to working with Louisa again in the near future.