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The Importance of Body Sensory Optimisation for Training and Rehabilitation
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How many times did you do an exercise and later found out that its purpose was totally different from how you performed it? Have you asked yourself if there is a faster way to reach your goals? In this short article I will explore how sensory perception can help you on these occasions. When we go to the gym, although…

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Quick guide to recover from sciatica pain
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Sciatica is a symptom rather than a specific diagnosis. Available evidence from basic science and clinical research indicates that both inflammation and compression are important in order for the nerve root to be symptomatic. Although the term sciatica is simple and easy to use, it is, in fact, an archaic and confusing term. For most researchers and clinicians, it refers…

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The common fallacy of fatigue & exercise
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Exercise is a tool for optimization. There is no one single way to accomplish this, there are many avenues!  However, If this one big thing is misjudged you could be headed for disaster; the amount of fatigue in your workouts. If you notice that you barely get what you put into exercise, you might be falling for this huge fallacy in…

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Pilates, Yoga or Weight Training
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There seems to exist a large number of reasons as to why one should choose pilates, yoga or weight training as your main activity.  The thing that matters the most is the quality of your practise. There is a general opinion that categorises each one of these activities such as: Pilates: core strength and back injuries Yoga: flexibility and mind …

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The surprising truth about what motivates us
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Very interesting video a friend told me about. In personal trainer motivation is one of the most important factor to succeed. Keep some one driven and happy it’s not easy at all. This interesting and creative video is about  how the motivational machine work on us. Hope you enjoy

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Non newtonian fluid
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Just found this video randomly when i was studying connective tissue and some viscosity on elements. I know you may think: ” does it have any connection with personal training?”.  It have a bit indeed. To understand how tissues react with external/ internal forces. Or by other words how does a dumbbell curl affects the muscle and/ or the nervous…

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