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How to improve your brain performance
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Back in 1997 I was a kid when a friend of mine introduced me to a card game that I had never heard about: Magic The Gathering. Soon after, all my friends were playing it. In 2000, with university and different life interests taking over, my Magic folder was put in a corner and stayed there until last year. I…

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Marathon – Beginner’s guide
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London Marathon is almost here and with that all the questions regarding it’s preparation. How should I train? What should I eat? What to do after for recovery? Marathon preparation – Strength training for performance and injury prevention : strength training is more then proofed that is crucial to increase sports performance and to avoid injuries. You should start going…

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Body Transformation
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Body Transformation – You have to check this out!

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Stretching: An exercise in nothingness?
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I’ve just came across with a brazilian article published 3 days ago. Despite of  what “common sense” says it just confirms what i’ve been saying for years: unless very specific (and few) situations stretch doesn’t do much for you. It can actually  slow down your pace when running and decrease your power output (this last one is mention in another…

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MBL top player uses MAT
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MLB Mark Teixeira increasing his athletic performance with MAT

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