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Frozen Shoulder
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Frozen shoulder is a poorly understood condition that typically involves substantial pain, movement restriction, and considerable morbidity. There is no clear understanding of this condition in the scientific community. For more info see here and here. The reality is that there are several people affected by this condition all over the world that see their daily life deteriorated due to the…

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Best Personal Trainer in London
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When you google for best personal trainer in london you only have 61 700 000 results.

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UKBFF London & SE Championships 2014
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Last sunday i went to the Ukbff London Championship and not being a big fan of “extreme”  body transformation i was a bit skeptical about it. When i arrived at the theatre i could not only see muscular people, but also a lot of supporters. Waiting, eating one of their 50 food daily containers or just mingling around, everyone seemed…

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