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10 Steps to Improve Your Metabolism
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Get 10 tips on how you can increase your metabolism, naturally. You’ll be surprised at how little things can affect your metabolism in a big way.

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Lose fat and build muscle for this summer
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Want to get in shape for summer and lose the extra pounds? Then it’s time to clean up your diet and start exercising!

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Heating Up in the Cold
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Workout Safety For Cooler Temps

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Best Personal Trainer in London
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When you google for best personal trainer in london you only have 61 700 000 results.

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Wedding Fitness Training
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By the end of the three months my body had transformed completely

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Stretching: An exercise in nothingness?
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I’ve just came across with a brazilian article published 3 days ago. Despite of  what “common sense” says it just confirms what i’ve been saying for years: unless very specific (and few) situations stretch doesn’t do much for you. It can actually  slow down your pace when running and decrease your power output (this last one is mention in another…

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Instable Surfaces
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“Verhagen, et al (2004),  noted that training on unstable surfaces increased the risk of knee injuries in subjects with prior histories of knee maladies. This finding raises quite a controversy, as unstable platforms are frequently employed in the rehabilitation of knee injuries” – Paul Juris

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Some (very)quick tips! Running a Marathon (43.2km – ouch) keeps becoming more popular year after year. The spirit and the love for the sport is huge all over the world. From athletes to amateur, everybody can do it. But also everybody can get injured. The effort is big and the high impact can damage your joints. If you’re preparing yourself…

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Achy knees and joints caused by arthritis are not reasons to stop exercising.
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Regular, modest exercise improves joint stability and strengthens muscles, according to the December issue of Mayo Clinic Women’s HealthSource. Exercise also improves mood, sleep, energy levels and day-to-day functioning. Best of all, people with arthritis who exercise regularly report less pain. When a person avoids exercise, joints become less mobile and the surrounding muscles shrink, causing increased fatigue and pain.…

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Top 10 Fitness Trends
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A lasting trend is developing in health and fitness, according to an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) survey published in the November/December issue of ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal®. The importance of experienced and educated fitness professionals remains the top predicted fitness trend for the third straight year. The survey, now in its fourth year, was distributed to ACSM…

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