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How to eat healthy during Christmas
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Eating healthy during Christmas can be challenging due to the abundance of festive treats and indulgent meals. However, with some mindful planning and moderation, you can still enjoy the holiday season while making nutritious choices. Here are some tips to help you eat healthy during Christmas: 1. Plan Balanced Meals: Prioritize whole foods like fruits,…

Personal Trainer for Injuries
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Finding a personal trainer with expertise in working with injuries is a wise decision, as they can help you exercise safely and effectively, taking your specific limitations and requirements into account. Here’s how you can find a personal trainer who specializes in working with injuries: Ask for Recommendations: Seek recommendations from your healthcare provider, physical…

The hidden side effects of Intermittent Fasting
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Intermittent fasting (IF) has gained popularity for its potential health benefits, including weight loss, improved metabolic health, and reduced risk of chronic diseases. However, like any dietary approach, there can be side effects, especially if not done correctly or for extended periods. Here are some considerations regarding the potential side effects of long-term intermittent fasting:…

5 Tips to Use a Standing Desk
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Standing Desks are a really popular way to fight bad posture and discomfort in those long hours seated at work. But does it mean that you should stand all day? Not really… Here are 5 tips to use a standing desk: 1.Alternate between sitting and standing Studies have showed that standing jobs are associated with…

fitness myths
4 Fitness Myths Debunked
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We come across questions about fitness myths hundreds of times. No surprise there. With so much information online it’s really hard to differentiate between science and nonsense.    1. ‘Training hard is good for you’  There’s a misconception that if you finish a workout and you’re not sweating buckets or super tired then you’re not…

online personal training
Is Online Personal Training really personal?
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Online Personal Training has been steadily growing in popularity over the last few years, boosted by a spike in fitness bloggers.  The promise of support and professional guidance, cost efficiency, fancy apps with A.I. algorithms and semi-naked pictures of both client results and the trainers’ own honed bodies can make it a seriously appealing option. …

Injury Rehabilitation on Harley Street
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An Announcement from Oitoo: Working with the Hale Clinic These days we hear people preaching left right and centre about holistic approaches, and applying it to everything from massages to fashion marketing. It’s become another one of those gnawing little buzzwords like sustainability and inclusivity: bandied about everywhere for marketing; seldom used properly. That’s why…

Online Chats – Physiotherapy
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It’s always a pleasure to connect with like minded professionals that question the status quo and base their approach on scientific evidence instead of trends. With that in mind, our quest to learn and understand more continues in this chat with physiotherapist Sangi Patel. Sangi has a masters in Sports Physiotherapy and has a ton…

Online Chats – Osteopathy
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We’re living during strange times with the COVID-19 pandemic. No hand shakes; we grab beers online, we exercise in front of a screen and probably some work in their pyjamas. At OITOO – Personal Training we decided to make the most out of this and take the rare chance to learn more about fitness, injury…

Ideas and workouts to keep fit during social distancing
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These are unprecedented times – strange and eerie – lived amidst the Corona virus epidemic. The British PM has announced a country-wide lockdown, affecting even our unstoppable capital, London. The outside world is just behind our front doors but beyond our reach. Being inside the majority of the time can take its toll on our…