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Protein Supplement and ZMA – Sci Mx Rippedcore

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Sci Mx Omni MX Rippedcore

Sci Mx Omni MX Rippedcore

Being a personal trainer a lot of my clients frequently ask me about which protein supplement they should use.  I guess everyone likes to look good and feel good here in Shoreditch – London.

I like to recommend things that I’ve personally tried. Therefore I can have more of a critical opinion.

Recently I’ve been trying  Sci Mx Rippedcore. It’s an all in one supplement to aid muscle building, that you can have pre and post workout.

It has a decent amount of protein per serving and a great taste. I think it leans towards the sweet side but that  will depend on individual preference. I like it and since I’ve been using it I have seen a decrease of 2% in body fat (13% to 11% body fat in 3 weeks). Not to forget that I’ve also gained 2 kg of muscle mass. Training and diet in conjunction have played a key part in achieving this result. I committed to training 3 sessions per week (weight training), 1 hour of football per week and eating in moderation, without big sacrifices and allowing myself a little indulgence ( 1 cheat meal per week ).


  • Decent amount of protein per serving
  • Great taste ( if you like sweet )
  • Nice texture
  • Helped me to achieve results
  • Too much sugar in my opinion
  • ZMA – this complex of vitamin B6, magnesium and zinc has no scientific evidence to show that it can boost or supports testosterone levels. The only “studies” that show the opposite are from manufactures of ZMA supplements (see here and look at the bottom page studies for references). Nethertheless individually these minerals and vitamins have great benefits on our health.