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Priming the Body’s Attention – Podcast Out Now

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This episode is a stunning example of how simplicity and science can harmonize for effective exercise.  This harmony isn’t possible without a deep understanding of movement and neural pathways, but don’t worry we make this lesson fun and interesting!   Join Jenn Schwartz and Rui Reis for a conversation about a novel way of injury rehab, exercise and re-wiring the brain for successful exercise and pain-free movement. This will be an enlightening episode if you are open to the idea that injury and joint rehab exercise does not have to be centered on taking away movements or making the exercise ‘less stressful’.  We will show you that there is a type of training that focuses on your mind and body’s attention to engaged and fluid exercise.  It is a miraculous way to leave cycles of pain, injury and bad exercise.      

What you’ll learn in this episode:

• What it means to use imagery in strength training to improve perceptions of pain 

• Novels ways to train the brain out of cycles of pain and exercise 

Brain-mapping and drawing on how our brain collects information to improve resistance training 

Important tips on the sensation, pain and your exercise 

Listen here: