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Mindset – Your most powerful tool

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When most people embark on a journey to a healthier lifestyle they usually focus on the exercise and nutrition part however having a positive mindset to begin with will really help you to make a sustainable change. Your mindset is one of the most powerful tools to change your habits and achieve a lifestyle that leaves you feeling and looking fantastic.


    • I have all I need to change
    • I know my goals
    • I understand that it won’t be a journey without bumps but, regardless the ups and downs, I will come out fitter, healthier and feeling my best.

  1. Firstly take some time for yourself and really think about why it is that you would like to make a positive change to you current lifestyle. There is often a deeper reason for this change other than wanting to lose pounds or looking better in a swim suit and although these are valid reasons having a deeper connection to your goal can be key to succeeding and in turn living a lifelong healthier lifestyle.
  2. One step at a time! Do not try to do too much in one go. It is imperative you choose one small thing to change at any one time. For example incorporating more walking into your daily life such as walking to work, increasing your water intake by 500ml per day or change one high calorie snack per day for a lower calorie snack. Overtime these small changes will help you to adopt a healthier attitude towards your goal and make it more manageable and you will hopefully get a sense of achievement which in turn will reinforce the habit leading to a positive mindset.
  3. Some people prefer to do things alone however research shows that success is likely to happen when part of a group or accountable to someone other than yourself. The key is to surround yourself with people whom share a similar goal or who are already living a healthy lifestyle. There are lots of groups online that you can join for that extra encouragement especially on the days you feel yourself slipping back into old habits. Hiring a coach to be accountable to can also help and you will receive guidance and support that is bespoke to your body, mind and overall needs. 


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