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Some (very)quick tips!

Running a Marathon (43.2km – ouch) keeps becoming more popular year after year. The spirit and the love for the sport is huge all over the world. From athletes to amateur, everybody can do it. But also everybody can get injured. The effort is big and the high impact can damage your joints. If you’re preparing yourself for one, be aware that just cardio training is not enough. ┬áResistance training is crucial for keeping your joints stable. Your ankles, knees and lower back are quite vulnerable when running long distance running. But a specific resistance training program can help you avoid injuries and perform better.

Other important elements of running a successful marathon:

1 – Nutrition is very important, before, during and after the effort.
2 – Comfortable clothing is other another key factor – during a long race, your body will have a lot of friction and needs to maintain the right temperature. I highly recommend a pair of running tights from asics and dry fit running shirts from Nike.
3 – Running shoes – It really depends of each individual so I strongly recommend that you try a couple some time before the event.┬áIf your race is soon keep running with the old shoes. Change then progressivly.