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Healthy diet perception

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Sometimes we just notice curious things during the day. To be sincere, i’m always away of what’s happening around me, i have my own world. I like to think it helps me to avoid this stressed world. But this time even a blind would notice this!!
Today’s society it’s very focus on health and body/image care so a lot of people do exercise and have a healthy diet (or at least they think they do…)
Was exactly this i noticed the other day. A lady next to me eating a very healthy salad. If i remember it had couscous, baby leafs, carrots, a a few things more. Until here fine. When she finished her salad she takes out of nowhere half a chorizo and start eating it alone!! She finished it all. What a good time she had!
And this is the point i would like to warned you about. It’s not enough have a healthy meal and then have whatever you want after trough the day. Eating well is a lifestyle. You can’t (our you shouldn’t) change year of bad habits in one day. Take your time but make permanent changes. The important is to notice the benefits and feel good about it. It will motivate you to keep going.