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Golfers improve their performance and decrease muscle fatigue with MAT

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Muscle Activation TechniquesTM as a way to improve the play of amateur golfers

  • 15 amateur golfers participated in this study
  • All participants were evaluated with a functional assessment that included overhead squats, single leg squats.  The assessment also included golf swings, and Muscle Activation Techniques™.
  • After 3 to 6 sessions of MAT, the participants were reevaluated.
  • Subjects reported feelings of “looseness”
  • Video analysis displayed more controlled movement during functional assessments.
  • Post-MAT golf play showed an average decrease of 3.4 strokes per 18 holes.  Additionally, participants experienced less muscular fatigue while golfing.

Practical application:

MAT can elicit these results because the treatments prepare the body for all types of force: golf, soccer, exercise, work, yoga, etc.

MAT targets muscle spindles and attempts to increase their sensitivity.  Muscle spindles are specialized sensory cells that run parallel to your muscle fibers.  They play a vital role in muscular contraction because they communicate with the nervous system information about a muscles length and its rate of length change.  The brain needs this information in order to decide the amount of tension it will allow a muscle to develop.

You can think of the nerves serving the muscular system like you would the electrical wiring for a house or building.  The nerves are the wiring and the muscles themselves are like the outlets and switches in the walls.  In a similar way to how electrical wiring has a positive and a negative feed, the muscles in our analogy have two types of wiring.

By fine-tuning the wiring of a dynamic system, the human muscular-skeletal system, the system can operate more efficiently.  This can result in increased performance markers because the familar motions (of a golf swing) are literally done with increased ease.

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Special thanks to JENNIFER SCHWARTZ-BIGGLE that provide me this post.