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Get to know the team

Get to know the team

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Louisa Schiattarella

Current exercise regime:
My average week is pretty active as i am always on my feet either walking to and from each appointment, teaching HIIT classes or coaching clients one to one. Outside of this my current exercise regime goes something like this:
– 2 HIIT sessions with rowing
– 4 days per week I follow a structured weightlifting programme
– 1-2 cardio sessions on the bike
– 1 restorative yoga class on Friday evenings to help unwind and i find myself very relaxed after

Fave cuisine:
I love love love thai food especially the curries or the green papaya salad!

Fave music artists:
I’m a big fan of all kinds of music but to train I do like something with a fast beat such as drum n bass. Hospital records do a great compilation or Kove remixes can be uplifting too. When I am pacing the streets of London I’m usually listening to something like the xx, Jorga Smith and I have been accused of overplaying London Grammar.

Lauren Wilkie

What gets you up in the morning?
I’m naturally a morning person, so I don’t usually have trouble getting up. That being said, I really love my job and the people that I spend time with during the day, so the thought of connecting and interacting is strong motivation for me to get up. I also start my day with an infrared sauna session which I love – it’s a very nourishing and relaxing way to start the day. Doing something you love first thing (or all day!) is key for me.

What’s your weekly exercise routine?
I like to mix up my exercise, and try to tailor it to my hormones, so certain times of the month I’ll do more intense activities like HIIT (I love Louisa’s class!), rebounding (on a trampoline), aerobics, dancing or running in addition to vinyasa yoga. Other times of the month, I’ll keep it low key, like long walks, gentle hiking and yin yoga. I try to do some Pilates a few times a week to maintain strength and flexibility – I find it easy to fit in about 10 minutes here and there. Even a short commitment regularly throughout the week makes a big difference overall.

What do you do to relax?
I love either catching up with friends over a good meal, or doing anything creative – I love making jewellery or doing crafts … working with something tangible really inspires me and helps me chill out. I find certain essential oils really relaxing – like lavender, frankincense and vetiver (I diffuse them or add them to my body lotion) – and I love guided meditation like yoga nidra. Having time at home to cook, read, daydream or take a bath is really important to me … and when all else fails, Netflix (especially RuPaul’s Drag Race) and a martini!

Wen Dai

What’s your favourite cuisine?
Healthy New American (I made that up)

What’s your weekly exercise routine?
It varies, but currently 3x Rocket Yoga, 2x HIIT, 1x Vinyasa Yoga, and 1 rest day

What do you do to relax?
Sleep ?

Rui Reis

What’s your weekly exercise routine?
Play football once a week, weight training 3x week. Occasionally go for a run if that includes a chit-chat with a friend.

What do you do to relax?
I’m a very social person so being surrounded by friends really helps me. Doing exercise and playing the guitar are my therapy. I might join a rock band soon…

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Have several… Gaming (yes I have a geek in me) and ocasionally I love a biscuit or a whole packet.