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Day Retreats in the Heart of London

Live a healthier, happier and more meaningful life. We believe that to achieve sustainable results it’s crucial to work your body and mind. To help achieve this, we deliver one day retreats, where our main goal is to teach you about your body, nurture your mind and to develop you as an individual so you can go on to reach your potential. Every one of our retreats is unique, so you can continue to be in constant growth. Join us and ignite your potential now.

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Goal Setting for the New Year

We all know we set those New Year goals and by February we fall off the wagon.

Join us at South Place on the 1st February in the Secret Garden for an afternoon of wellness and goal setting.

Past Events

Body Empowerment On Sunday 2nd June, join us in the Secret Garden at South Place Hotel for a day of fitness and wellness -exclusive to women.


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