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Chronic Injury Rehab – Scoliosis

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Ajay came in 8 weeks ago suffering back pain and muscle stiffness.

What would you feel when someone comes in looking for your help and shares with you about the lack of life quality, poor sleep, frustration, endless treatments/approaches and lack of physical capacity to play with their children…. Pressure? Not really. But and immense will to help. To improve someones life quality.

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Ajay progressed from a chronic injury rehab program to athletic performance beating some personal bests in his weight lifting. His neuro-muscular system was optimised to create stability, decrease back pain (totally gone) and increase strength. He has now made to measure exercises (squats, chest press, etc), respecting his body structure and muscular system.

If you suffer from similar symptoms or know anyone that does and would be happy to improve his/her life quality, please share this post or contact us.