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Case Study – Helping Sarah on her Injury Rehab Journey

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This is a little movie about a client i’ve helped. I have to say that helping people it’s one of the most rewarding things anyone can do.

For the curious, I use a very progressive approach, always with active participation of the client to stimulate the most neurologic changes possible. (with active participation I mean that I don’t do passive work like massage or passive stretching). After mapping out the inefficient muscle-brain connection I design a strength program based on individual biomechanics. I.e.: we all have different size bodies and available movement. Therefore the way person A squats will be different then person B. 

Sarah’s was a very challenging case which toke approximately 8 months of very hard work. She had an accident and her mobility and strength was severely affected.

Sarah now left London and is back on her country where she still does a strength training routine. She is pursuing her ultimate goal: to be able to Roller skate!

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