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Busting fitness, gym, exercise myth… Shame on you!

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A couple of days ago Dr. Michael Mosley was interviewed on Itv’s “This Morning” show about common fitness, gym and exercise myths (read here). I think they should have interviewed him about something else because it was shameful… He did mention a couple of good points, but the overall message was disgraceful.

It’s true, we have a “reward culture” and people are not aware of nutritional values. Going to the gym and having a muffin after is not right and one thing doesn’t balance out the other. In my opinion it is irresponsible to put out there that gyms don’t help losing weight and don’t affect your mood especially when uneducated people in nutrition and health/fitness are watching. This type of message might just put a lot of people off to going to the gym. What about the vast benefits you can have from exercising?

Regarding his statement:

“While 20 per cent became significantly fitter, most didn’t change that much and 20 per cent saw no change at all – they just didn’t have the right genes,”

Everyone has different genes and requires a bespoke program to achieve better results.  Or maybe the subjects initial levels of fitness in the study were already different? (the actually study would be useful).

Bespoke exercise allied with healthy nutritional habits and lifestyle will make the most long term differences.

And when it can’t get worse, he says that exercise doesn’t boost his mood. Since when does one person’s experience count for any scientific validation? Doctor…?

“And while studies have shown exercise can relieve symptoms of depression, this is more to do with being out in the fresh air, he says.
‘It’s about getting out, clearing your head – whether that’s walking the dog, playing golf, whatever,’ he said.”

Maybe the getting out, playing golf has a component of physical activity? Maybe explaining the science behind that declaration? Oh, yes, not enough time on TV.

It’s not 100% true that exercise doesn’t affect your mood. What about Brain Derivate Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF)?

Now, a reality check – diets don’t work!!  If they worked everyone would be slim. And, research says that 80% of people that go through diets end up gaining one pound of fat more than when they started. And, do you know why? Because these crazy diets are not sustainable. Can you see yourself fasting two days a week for the rest of your life? Or having juice forever?

Oh, and unlucky you if your birthday matches your fasting day. No cake and no party! And, probably Billy no mates.