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3 Must Do Steps To A Happier & Healthier Day

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Losing weight and maintaining the weight loss for an extended period of time requires some simple lifestyle adjustments. As long as you keep your adjustments within a sustainable reach, you should be able to lose weight and keep it off without much shock and interruption to your daily life.

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3 Steps To Six Pack

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First off, I want to mention that, for most people, getting six pack abs is not an easy task. It requires dedication, but it is possible! Below is a general 2-step guide that, if followed religiously for 3 months, will produce results.

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Jamie Oliver – Sugar Rush

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Jamie Oliver investigates sugar’s huge contribution to global health problems like obesity and type 2 diabetes, reveals how much sugar is in healthy-looking food, and explores what can be done to help

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Healthy Chocolate Avocado Mousse

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Ever fancy a sweet treat but looking to avoid the sugar rush that generally comes with it?

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11 Unusual Summer Fitness Tips

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Summer is coming and that means holidays, relaxing and for some, an extension of the exercise routine but in the sun. This is the common denominator in exercise programs – Keep exercising and looking after your diet. Religiously…

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“A Better You” – Your 7 days program to self-improvement

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Is your self-esteem on the rocky side? Here is some helpfull hints to improve, the better you in 7 days.

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