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Client testimonial: Lorenza Attard

I met Louisa through a mutual friend and after various chats the conversation came up about my desire to compete in my 1st bikini/ fitness competition.

Louisa put together my meals plans & training programmes for my contest prep. I must say i was apprehensive at first as i had heard a few horror stories about very low calories and horrible meal plans for these preps but it wasn’t the case for mine.  My meal plans were varied and nutritious. I never felt hungry or energy depleted. The training and meal plans changed consistently with the time frames and Louisa supported me all the way through the 16 week training programme.

I’m very happy with what we managed to achieve over this period and am looking forward to working with Louisa again in the near future.

The whole process took 16 weeks. Below is the progress we made in 10 weeks.

Before and After

Week 1 and Week 11

Before and After

Week 1 and Week 11









Lorenza week 16