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Best Personal Trainer in London

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When you Google for best personal trainer in London you only have 61 700 000 results.

Perhaps a friend referred you someone and the choice is easier. Nonetheless you still should have some things in consideration before choosing the best personal trainer in London to help you achieving your fitness goals.

Lets start by you. What are your goals? This will eliminate a lot of people. Just like lawyers, you have personal trainers specialized in a type of services. You see, there are loads of personal trainers in London but the services / approach that suit your fitness /rehab /performance goals varies from personal trainer to personal trainer. And if you find a jack-of-all-trades he will probably not be very good. Find someone specialized in your goals.

Secondly, you should search for reviews, testimonials and case studies, friend’s referrals.

Look, or ask which kind of education they have. I’m not joking but in this country you can be a personal trainer in a couple of weeks. Yep, some weeks and a certification is yours. How would you feel if a self-taught surgeon open up your child?

Cheap personal trainer or expensive personal trainer? Consistency is key to success. A couple of sessions will not get you anywhere. Especially if you haven’t moved for years it won’t be 2h/month with a personal trainer that will make a difference. So consider this when you do your budget. Expensive personal trainer doesn’t mean better but don’t expect that a £30 or £40 /session in central London will get you far in terms of quality, results and knowledge. The majority of the time you get for what you pay for.

Don’t be scared to sign up for a consultation. The majority of the personal trainers in London offer a free consultation. Respect our time, but if you are interested in sign for some sessions you should get to know in more detail the service, the facilities and the most important the trainer. If you are seeing a person once to several times a week make sure that you’ll go well along. Otherwise that relationship would be like “arranged marriage gone wrong”. During the consultation don’t be intimidated by the alpha personality of some personal trainers or the bullshit that uneducated, wanna be trainers through at you. Make questions, ask their opinions, and be critical and constructive.