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Best exercises for six pack, biceps and chest

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Almost every fitness magazine repeats their front cover over and over again. Month after month. And surprisingly (or not) they sell a lot.

Best exercises for a flat stomach. Best exercise to grow your biceps. Best exercise for chest. Best exercise to burn more calories. I do understand that it’s easier to find a one-size-fits-all solution/recipe but there is a big factor that, for some reason, a lot of people forget about: we are all different and the way each and every one of us is “designed”, responds to exercise and diet will also be different. Obviously that exercise (well prescribed)  and a healthy diet in general will affect us in a positive way but often we reach a plateau and the search for magical formulas start.

So what are the best exercises to have a six pack, big biceps like Ryan Gosling, and a chest and shoulders like Hugh Jackman in the Wolverine?  They don’t exist. Yep, that’s it. Sorry about the “truth slap”. So stop searching the magic formulas.  Oh yes, and the fitness models on the front covers? They have great bodies. Which they got through genetics, a lot of intelligent exercise, smart dieting and potentially some or a lot of drugs. There are documentaries about a it.

Ask yourself: how many times did you try the “best” exercises? Did you get the results you wanted?

To understand each individual’s body and how it responds to diet and exercise, a lot of study is required. There  are no good/bad exercises. There are exercises for specific situations/bodies/goals. But there must be a rationale and understanding of the human body to apply it.

And i believe that even today, we only only know the tip of the iceberg. Look for a fitness professional, with credentials, to help you achieve your goals. Look into science, run away from myths.