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Are you sleeping well?

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Many high achievers and successful people state that they only sleep a very small amount of time. Time is money! When it comes to health is this something we should take as a good example? How does sleep affect our health? Until very recent years we knew very little about sleep.

Due to the location of our personal training studios – Mayfair and City of London we do come across with a lot of stressed professionals and it’s with no surprise that when we talk about sleep almost no one sleeps enough.

Recently I came across with a very interesting podcast from Dan Harris where scientist Dr Matthew Walker talks about the benefits of sleep and how it affects our health.

I highly recommend to listen to this podcast but in a nutshell here are some of the takeaways:

  • You can’t ‘catch up with sleep on the weekend’. If you miss a good night sleep it affects your body straight away
  • Sleep has a massive effect on your immune system
  • Sleep helps every single cell and system (hormone, muscular, etc) to recover and heal.
  • You can improve your sleep
  • Lack of sleep affects your weight due to excess cortisol
  • Sleeping pills are bad for your health.

Check out the podcast here to learn more about sleep and get some tips on how to improve it.