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5 things you can do to lose weight forever

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Have you decided to do something about your health and lifestyle? If you are reading this is because, at least, you want to lose weight. 

There are small habits you can change that will keep your weight away forever. There is nothing worse then yo yo diets so if you think that by doing program “x” or diet “y” you will be healthy and lose weight permanently… You are so wrong. You will probably lose weight in the beginning and then put more weight then you had before. It happens with 90% of the people.

Being healthy and lean it’s all about lifestyle, changing habits and keep then. It should be enjoyable and rewarding.

I’m aware that we’re all busy and always find something more important to do but those kind of excuses only tell me something: You are not ready for a change. Or you don’t have the right guidance to help you changing. And that is fine, changing habits it’s not easy and requires a very strong will power in the beginning.

This is how you gone do: pick any of this habits (in any order) and keep doing it until it comes so naturally that you don’t even think about it. Then move on to the next one. When you automatise this healthy habits you should be leaner, healthier, feeling better and more energised.

 1 – Sleep

Recovery is one of the most important things you can do. If you don’t rest your body will become stressed, producing cortisol which will be stored as fat around your waste. Sleep around eight hours a night. Plus if you are not rested is more likely that you will not commit with your exercise and normal routine. Being very tired = body asking for sugars.

2 – Eat Breakfast

The amount of people that i know that skip this meal is ridiculous. You need fuel. Good fuel. Make sure you have some protein and good fats in the morning. Never skip breakfast (unless you are in a very specific nutrition plan).

3 – Drink Water

drinking water

A classic one. And for a good reason. We need water. From concentration levels to biologic function water is vital for us. Plus a lot of times that we “pig out” we are not even hungry. We are thirsty.

4 – Exercise

Building up lean mass and burning fat is one of many benefits we can take from exercising regularly. More muscle means more calorie consumption during the day (and i don’t mean more muscle as bodybuilding. Ladies, don’t be scared ,you will not look like one. But you can look like this). Make sure you exercise at least 3 times a week. Ideally 5 times.

5 – Reduce your alcohol intake

Being a foreigner i was not aware that in the UK the official numbers of consumption are actually scary. Reduce your alcohol intake for one day a week. Alcohol has seven calories a gram, almost as many as fat. The worst is that those are empty calorie. In other words it’s not nutritionally balanced.

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