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11 Unusual Summer Fitness Tips

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Summer is coming and that means holidays, relaxation and for some, an extension of the exercise routine but in the sun. This is the common denominator in exercise programs – Keep exercising and looking after your diet. Religiously…

“Take your rubber bands with you”, “Make sure you don’t drink alcohol beverages more then once a week”, “Make sure you do your exercise routine” etc, etc. This is what a lot of people are told before their well deserved holiday.

You might not give a damn but this is what i say to my clients: “Relax”. I’m pretty sure that the last thing that they want is to be worrying and stressing about what to do and what to eat when on holiday.

Does this mean that all the good work goes back to step one? Not really.

First, i don’t like diets. They don’t work. If they did everyone would be lean. My approach is always a long term change in lifestyle, with sustainable results. So i’m pretty sure that when any of my clients go on holiday healthy habits are already put into place making their choices automatic, stress free and relatively healthy.

Secondly, i’m pretty sure that if they are relaxed and are away for at least a week they will feel the need and the excitement to do something active.

Thirdly, everyone needs a break. Even from exercise. So one week without exercising at such a high intensity will be beneficial and help your body to recover from potential inflammation induced by exercise.

Obviously some people like routine and it’s totally fine if they keep doing their exercise program. Am i contradicting myself? No. It’s called Individuality. Everyone is different so a bespoke plan is crucial to a healthy and fit body.

What if you put a couple of kilos on?  Who gives a damn? As long as you feel happy and comfortable that’s the main thing and once you get back into your routine those couple of kilos will fall off.


I know that everyone likes to be given clear answers. So i’ll try to write the best summer holiday tips to keep your fitness and health at your best:

  1. Make sure if you do long haul flights you move around avoiding long hours of immobility:
  2. Make sure you drink a lot of water;
  3. Use electronics as little as possible;
  4. Don’t rush. You’ll have time for that back home;
  5. You must not forget to apply sunscreen;
  6. Do what ever you want (as long as it’s legal);
  7. Sleep a lot;
  8. Use cool sunglasses;
  9. No selfies! Re-read point number 3.
  10. Don’t use speedos. Unless you look really good in them or are happy to be the poolside entertainment (especially if the water is cold).
  11. Enjoy yourself;