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Invest in advanced rehabilitation techniques. We have the expertise to deliver a long-term solution.

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Injury Rehab - City of London & Mayfair

Are you in pain or do you experience discomfort when training? Have you tried a variety of treatments but still don’t have a long-term solution?
If so, the chances are that you have a musculoskeletal problem that we can fix as, in the majority of cases, pain is due to poor biomechanics and/or muscle imbalances.
Our goal is to find the cause of your problem and return you to a pain-free lifestyle.

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Design made-to-measure exercises to your body biomechanics and nervous system
Stiff muscles or poor flexibility
Knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain or hip pain
Re-occuring injuries, pain while exercising or other biomechanics problems.

How do we have such a high rate of success in injury rehabilitation?

We are proud to be the only ones in the UK using Neuroscience and Biomechanics to improve your neuromuscular system and brain maps, restoring this way normal body alignment, increase muscle contractility, and tolerance to force, thereby, decreasing pain and reducing the risk of injury.

Meet the team

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Rui Reis
Founder, Personal Trainer, Rehab Specialist
Louisa Schiattarella
Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach

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