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Which One Is Right For You: Jogging or Running?

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Most people want a fitness plan that can easily fit into their busy lifestyles. Such people could be beginners, people…

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Marathon – Beginner’s guide

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London Marathon is almost here and with that all the questions regarding it’s preparation. How should I train? What should…

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How to become more active even as you age

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Guest Post: Gary is a retired web blogger from Active Authorities who has made it a mission to live more…

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Personal Training at W Hotel – London

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We are so happy to announce (again) that we have a new amazing location, this time in Mayfair. From now…

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The chest exercise you are not doing

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Have you have wondered why you do exercises that you see on social media? Is it because they’re new to…

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We have new home. And what a home!!

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We are so happy to announce that we have partnered up with South Place Hotel in Liverpool St – London as their Personal…

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Guest Post: Running in the Winter

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Guest Post: Running in the Winter Advice from a Boston Marathon Winner Many experienced runners believe winter is a better…

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5 things you can do to lose weight forever

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Have you decided to do something about your health and lifestyle? If you are reading this is because, at least,…

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Meditation for a healthier body

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When you are unhappy or stressed what do you do? Do you go out for a meal? Go to the…

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Frozen Shoulder

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Frozen shoulder is a poorly understood condition that typically involves substantial pain, movement restriction, and considerable morbidity. There is no…

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